Camping Experiences for All Ages, Emphasizing Christian Living

Enjoy God's world on Camp Sabroske's quiet 112 acres; located near Magee Marsh Wildlife Refuge and beautiful Lake Erie!

Come spend the day, night, or week! Camp Sabroske has 31 RV spaces with electricity and water, cabins, a dormitory, unlimited tent space, and so much more! 

The camp has many areas for recreation including basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, hiking, swimming (in-ground pool), & two ponds for fishing, paddle boating, or swimming. Also for rent are our outdoor chapel, dorms, shelter house, a meeting room with kitchen, or even the whole camp!

    Our Mission:  The purpose for which this corporation is formed is to provide opportunities for spiritual nurture and growth for all age groups within the community, and to engage in the operation of a traditional church camp, helping individuals of all faiths discover an understanding of God and His creation through charitable, religious, educational, and scientific activities and provide such facilities as may be necessary in conjunction with the same in the advancement of nurturing Christian fellowship through worship, study, special events, recreation and rest.

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